13 november 08:00 - 09:00Epicenter

Breakfast session
How to drive transformation through engaged employees

Join Sime for a breakfast seminar, on how to release the intelligence within your organisation - and make it work for you!

Speeding up transformation is top of mind of every business leader today. This seminar shows how to foster a culture of transformation that releases the intelligence within every part of the organization! 

Many companies still rely too heavily on top down management decisions.  
But in a fast paced environment you need to trust the wisdom of the crowd and technology as an enabler.

Your organisation’s tribal knowledge is much stronger than you think.  Engaged employees is your companies greatest asset.Curiosity, tribal knowledge and storytelling are  key to reach the stars ...

This breakfast is for leaders that:

  • Want to speed up transformation
  • Run transformation related activities within an organization
  • Are about to drive a cultural change
  • Want to increase the employee engagement in the organization
  • Believe in decentralized decisions and tribal knowledge

What we will share: 

  • Why curiosity is your key to success
  • How your organisation’s tribal knowledge makes you unique
  • Why  storytelling needs a red thread
  • How technology can be used as an enabler 

Where: Epicenter Stockholm
Wednesday November 13th 08:00–09:00

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PS. Your invitation is personal. The number of seats is limited. If you can't come, please let us know us so we can invite another guest.


Dr. Pernilla Jonsson
Head of Ericsson Consumer & Industry Lab.

Pernilla has worked with innovation, business development and brand & market strategy for multinational companies for over 10 years. She joined Ericsson in 2015 from management consulting where she led projects for strategy development, thought leadership, innovation and branding for multinational companies like IKEA, Unilever, Husqvarna and more. Pernilla is a board member of HallMedia and Wallenberg foundation of AI research WASP HS as an expert on consumers and digital transformation.

Through cutting edge research we drive Ericsson thought leadership of what connected intelligence means to different industries. Through close collaboration in partnership with key customers such as GE, Honeywell ABB. IKEA group and strategic partners in academia, public sector and major organizations all across the globe we explore the future and to deliver bold statements and tangible concepts to illustrate where the future of technology and connectivity is going. Finally, our broad knowledge about society enable us to explore the emerging opportunities and implications of intelligent connectivity through an innovation lens.

Pernilla is an appreciated speaker in Sweden and internationally for large audiences as well as in boardrooms and executive committees. She has been speaking across continents and under many different kinds of events. For instance she is the reoccurring speaker (earned speeches not paid for) at GSMA. One of these speeches was for instance on the future of
shopping with Inter IKEA systems at MWC in Barcelona 2018. Further, national and
international media frequently interviews her on areas relating to her expertise. In 2015 she launched a book on the digitalization of the purchasing process, “The one-click revolution” which earned the honorary prize as Sweden’s “Marketing Book of the Year 2016.”

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Pia Anderberg
Senior Vice President HR and Innovation at Axel Johnson, Chairman of Mitt Liv and director of Åhléns, Novax, Hyper Island, DIB Services and STRAX.

Pia Anderberg started her professional career after studying business administration at the University of Uppsala, by performing macro-economic analysis for the Swedish government and then went on to work within the financial sector. She has more than 30 years’ experience of working for multinational companies globally in the field of management consulting and management development. 

She is an entrepreneur by heart.  During her 14 years at the BTS Group she held a number of positions, such as VP Development, CEO BTS Nordic and Market Area Manager Europe.Pia has founded and invested in a number of companies, such as BTS Interactive, a world-wide supplier of e-learning within the BTS Group, Novare AB (including 11 different companies within the field of HR and change management together with partners and Investor AB.  Pia also co- founded one of the biggest female networks for top managers in Sweden 2005 and the biggest mentor program in Sweden 2009 together with Veckans Affärer. Pia has been working with Business Driven Action Learning since 2004, mentored by Dr Yury Boshyk. 2010 she and Investor AB developer another consultant Company, Samsari.  2014 she joined the management team of Axel Johnson AB as Executive Vice President, HR and Innovation. She has initiaded and is leading several strategic projects within the group under the umbrella AxJalla. The projects cover future of suppleant chagrin, financial services and advanded data analytics. This includes both technical and competence shifts for the whole group.Directorships: Pia has been in several boards since 2004. Today she is Chairman of Mitt Liv and director of Åhléns, Novax, Hyper Island, DIB Services and STRAX.

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Irfan Malik
Irfan Malik CEO & Co-Founder of Synavos Solutions. Entrepreneur. Strategist. Custom Solutions Expert - Your bridge to new business avenues.

Irfan is an entrepreneur with an educational background in computer science who co-founded a tech-company from the ground up. The business earned a gold category award by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) for its contribution in the industry in a short span of time. Irfan, thus, is a change agent with an enhanced acumen fit to lead multiple development teams to achieve operational excellence for businesses in regions such as Europe, Asia, and Africa. Irfan Malik is a tech- evangelist with 15+ years of experience in custom software development and transformation of international businesses to increase their efficiency. He delivers excellence through team building which optimizes core business operations of firms; his multicultural and diversified work experience brings you a blend of innovation and strategy which delivers results. He is your bridge to the Pakistani market that would find strategic partnerships and collaborations for your business, beyond the borders.

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Magnus Berglund
Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of Iapps, former football professional and former high school teacher.

With a keen interest in education, Magnus has explored the digital opportunities to engage and educate both in schools and in companies, to create smarter and more engaged workforce. 

In addition to Iapps, Magnus runs the digital conference Sime where the goal is to educate and inspire people in digital opportunities.

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Joachim Rask
Co-founder Experience Unleashed - Growth & Leadership Coach. Transformation Architect.

Joachim Rask, co-founder of Experience Unleashed AB, former Head of Purple+, Telia Company’s Innovation hub, former VP Innovation Operations at AB Electrolux and a change maker.

Joachim is a leader and executive with 20+ years’ international experience of driving results within the fields of Innovation, Marketing, Transformation/Change and Operational Excellence. With a diverse experience across multiple industries, extensive knowledge how to engage people and a long history of leading strategic and operational initiatives in a reality characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity (VUCA) he has a strong know-how of how to make things happen. Joachim has a track record of leading and building high performing teams based on empathy, trust, joy and diversity. He is driven by passion and a strong belief that nothing is impossible.

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Anton Lundberg
Co-founder Experience Unleashed - Growth & Leadership Coach. Transformation Architect.

Anton Lundberg, co-founder of Experience Unleashed AB, former various senior positions within AB Electrolux such as Director, CX Insight and BMI, EMEA, Director Consumer Insight, North America, VP Market Driven Innovation (Global) and a creative soul.

Anton is a leader and executive with 20+ years’ international experience of driving results within the fields of Innovation, Marketing, Transformation/Change and Functional Excellence. Anton has a diverse experience across product and brand development, market launches, consumer centricity programs, and company wide transformation initiatives. Anton has a track record of leading, engaging and motivating teams to reach outstanding results - rooted in data and an evidence based approach. He is driven by passion and creativity and always leads with a consumer/customer experience-first mindset. 

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